Programming Languages
C This is the 1st modern programming language I was introduced to in 1980.  Training environment was mentor and self-study using Kernighan and Ritchie language reference book. I began implementing this language by developing code on 80-column programming sheets because we had no compiler for the Varian 77 mini computer at that time.  Eventually we converted the programming sheets into compiled code.  It was no surprise many mistakes where made and we spent a lot of time finding and fixing the bugs.
  • Varian 77; user interface code for a customized Unix operation system
  • Varian 77; satellite data print server -- converted 6-bit ASCII to 7-bit ASCII
  • VAX OpenVMS; Adjunct Professor at Brevard Community College, taught 3 semesters of structured programming using C.
  • 80C186; Video Teleconferencing System, embedded programming using an ICE.
  • Sun Ultra SPARC Solaris Unix/Motif; image exploitation/mensuration system
  • Apple MAC; preliminary analysis of existing code
  • VAX 3000 OpenVMS; software maintenance for power load management, approximately 100K of customized C and Pro*C code.
  • SGI Unix and HP UX; software development and maintenance on approximately 3 million lines of C, Pro*C, and Tuxedo code.  Code developed was standardized on ANSI C but developed and compiled on a C++ compiler.
C++ I became familiar with this language from a 13-week in-house training seminar while working at Harris Corporation in the mid 1990s.
Ada I attended an in-house 8-hour per day training seminar for approximately 6 weeks.  Projects were developed and compiled using a Telesoft compiler on an IBM mainframe computer.  I also took a graduate-level course in Ada programming while pursuing my Master of Science Degree in Computer Science at Florida Institute of Technology. I also used this language in a USAF DoD programming project in the early 1990s
  • Realtime MS-DOS; 7 CSCIs, code used to control USAF Satellite Heavy Terminal equipment, upconverter, downcoverters,
  • NASA TDRS ground system OpenVMS, software maintenance.
  •  etc.
Fortran I did my Y2K work for Sabre Corporation on an IBM Mainframe.